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Michelle Langley began researching female infidelity when her feelings toward her husband and her marriage suddenly started to change.  She has been researching female infidelity and the subsequent limbo experience that often follows for women for almost 15 years.  She has interviewed hundreds of women in this situation and she has also been there herself.  When she was going through it, Michelle says she felt like she had an ailment, a condition of some sort. She said she just knew at the time that she had something and whatever it was she had, it wasn't normal.  Later, Michelle discovered that what she was experiencing was not only normal, but also extremely common. 


When Michelle began her research she didnít intend to write a book.  She just wanted answers to help her through what she still describes as the most painful time of her life. Michelle has now written two books and her books have helped thousands of men and women move forward in their lives and marriages.















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