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Hi, my name is Michelle Langley. I'm a personal and professional development coach who specializes in helping men and women navigate the waters of infidelity and marital limbo. This certainly wasn't the career path I had planned; but our lives can take unexpected turns, and sometimes these turns can chage our lives in ways that we could have never imagined. 


I've been immersed in women's infidelity issues for over twenty years.


I researched female infidelity for over ten years before writing my first book on the subject; and I've also been coaching men and women in this area for almost a decade, now, too. However, I didn't start my research to write a book.  I started my research for personal reasons. I was lost, confused and in so much pain that I didn't know how I was going to get through the experience. Back then, I had no way of knowing that I was following a script -- a script that like so many women, i didn't even know existed.


Why I wrote Women's Infidelity


I wrote Women's Infidelity for a couple reasons. First, I was acutely aware of how painful and confusing it was to live in limbo; because in addition to my research, I lived in limbo for several years. So I knew how little information there was available to help people through this difficult time in their lives. Second, I believed I might have made different decisions had I known the information in my books while I was actually in limbo. So I suspected that this might be the case for other people, too. In other words, I believed that some couples wouldn't divorce, if they had the information I had gathered from my research.  So it was (and still is) my sincerest hope that the information in my books helps people to make informed decisions.



                                 -- Michelle Langley













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